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Geegor on an SSL Live at Efennaar while touring with Dodheimsgard
SSL 4000G at Sierra Studios


With over 20 years of performing in numerous countries, Geegor gained some serious experience throughout the years.

He is a multi instrumentalist that has released more than 20 albums with acts like Enshadowed, Unholy Ritual, Universe217, Mortuus Caelum, Diabolical Principles, Liturgy of Desecration etc mostly recorded, mixed and produced at his own Abyssal Productions Studio.

MCI console at 133 Productions

As a professional sound engineer he has been involved with various event companies including C.T.S., Sclosa Post Audio, Esoteron Studio, Weathertop Studios and Jestosound/DJs Online, working with artists like Ved Buens Ende, Dodheimsgard, Rotting Christ, Locomondo, Nadja Weinberg, George Sabanis, Afformance, Brond, Stax Osset, Jess Marquis, Mental Architects, Comasummer, Sativa and others, covering lots of different musician genres, from Pop to Rock to Hip Hop to electronic to Black metal.


Working with various equipment both analog and digital, he is more than eager to help artists and acts achieve the best sonic result both in the studio and in the live events world!

Recording, mixing, mastering, sound design and session guitar/bass/drums/vox work available!

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