With over 13 years of experience ​of playing guitar and a master's degree in pop & jazz guitar, Sevastianos Agini gained a lot of experience as a session artist as well as a guitar tutor/music harmony and theory teacher. 

His whole life Sebastian’s been dragged towards good music, singing and playing guitar. The bands which influenced him and motivated him to pursue music as the first priority in his life are Rainbow, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and many more.

At the age of 13 he started taking lessons in Jazz/Blues and Classical music and quickly realized that his calling was more towards progressive Rock / Metal and other fusion oriented styles.

At the age of 16 he developed a vigorous practice routine and joined a musical formation. By the time he graduated from high school, he had already been learning/composing music, playing live and I had found himself immersed in a rapidly moving underground music scene and he already had recorder a few demos and an EP.

Once he graduated, he moved to Los Angeles, California where he did his associates degree in popular guitar and performance at Musicians Institute of Technology. It was around this time in LA that that he also found himself performing with several formations, including a Heavy/speed metal band called Deathriders which was formed by ex-Anthrax singer, Neil Turbin. After jumping on board and working extensively on repertoire which consisted of the older Anthrax material as well as original material that Neil had written for the band, they set out to do several shows including a headlined show at the infamous "Whiskey a go go" 

After having spent three years in the US, he returned to Bulgaria where he did his bachelors course in Pop/Jazz guitar as he was starting to develop an interest in jazz. He took part in an R&B formation called D'Verse where he was able to get an idea of how to rearrange and restructure old Motown/funk songs as well as swing and Bossa Nova standards. During this time, he also took up a few session/gigs/festivals that catered to the music inclined towards.

He played in Waken Open Air, he went on a two week tour with Rampart (Bulgaria) in support of Dirkschneider (former singer of the German band Accept). He had the honor of arranging lyrics, coming up with cantos and tracked vocals for a whole album’s worth of material which has yet to be released.

Today he also continues composing music with several musicians he had worked with in the past, creating a four song EP that is about to fruition.

While doing his master’s degree in pop & jazz guitar in London, Sebastian gained some serious experience in giving guitar lessons

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