Throughout the years i've worked with numerous artists coming from lots of different music backgrounds. When i was based in Athens, Greece i also used to work closely with Jestosound / DJs Online and CTS Productions

Some of the artists/acts i have worked since 2008 include:

The Stranglers, Mora, Baz Limited, Beyond Exorcism, Nadja Weinberg, Dear Serotonin, George Sabanis, Makrina Xaderfia, Locomondo, 18Birds, Imiskoubria, Cyanna, Zilmore Sextet, OOHS!, Saturated Pixels,Nadja, Shrine, Leaver, Mytrip  and others

Below are some of the acts i worked exclusively with :

Working with Dodheimgard as a live sound engineer since 2015

Since 2011 - Selected shows:

DODHEIMSGARD, GOSPEL OF GRIEF, ENSHADOWED - 11/03/2011 - Gagarin Club, Athens

Dødheimsgard (NOR) + Thy Darkened Shade + Shibalba live at "Fuzz Live Music" Club, Athens - 13/11/2015

Dødheimsgard (NOR) + Agnes Vein + Kult of Taurus live at 8Ball Club - Thessaloniki, Greece - 14/09/2015



Working with Rotting Christ s a live sound engineer since 2013

Since 2013 - Selected Shows

  • Rotting Christ - Live Sitia, Crete - The wall club- 17/5/2013

  • Rotting Christ Cine Studio, Heraklion - 19/05/2013 

  • Rotting Christ Setlist of the concert at Periigitiki Leschi, Rethymno, Greece on 18/05/2013

Working with Brond as a live sound enginee since 2014

Since 2014 - Selected shows:

Working with Comasummeas a live sound enginee since 2014

Since 2015 - Selected shows:

Working with Mental Architects as a live sound enginee since 2014

Since 2014 - Selected shows:

Working with Afformance as a live sound enginee since 2005

       2007-2011 - Various events all over Greece in the following places:

  • Grevena

  • Athens

  • Corinth

  • Tripoli 

Worked with Stop The Schizo as a live soun engineer 2015

       Since 2016Selected shows:


Geegor workedas a live sound engineer with Purple Dino in 2015

Since 2015 - Selected Shows:

       Bulgarian Tour (2015)

Abyssal Productions Working with Sativa as a live sound enginee since 2015

Since 2018 - Selected shows:

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